Send it in Jerome was started by two passionate sports fans who were looking for their own outlet to express their views and opinions.  We aim for the content which is produced here to be thoughtful, well written, and insightful while remaining relevant and topical to what's going on in the world of sports.  We plan on writing about a wide variety of sports in many different formats and from many different angles.

Thanks for checking out the site and if you would like to contact us at Send It In Jerome, feel free to do so here: senditinjerome1@gmail.com

Staff Bios:

Charlie Scaturro:

For as long as I have been cognizant of what is going on around me, I have been an avid follower of the NFL, NBA, MLB, and College Basketball.

Despite being born and raised in Brooklyn, and not having much of a chance to actually play the game of football, the NFL was my first love. As a kid growing up in the 90's I idolized Barry Sanders and I proceeded to live and die with his performances every Sunday.

As I got older, I was fortunate enough to participate in many different sports and learned a lot about myself from the adversity and challenges which arose during competition.

By the time I was about 17 I realized that I wasn't going to be 6'8'', I couldn't run a 4.4 40, and I would never be able to throw a baseball 90+ miles per hour, so I eventually decided to take up writing about sports as a way to continue to connect with the games I love. Writing about sports started out as a hobby but has emerged as something more as time has gone by. I'm currently the Director of Quality Assurance for a company called PrePlay and along with Kerry, I decided to start this blog as an outlet for our writing.

While the NFL was my first true passion, somewhere between winning my mom's March Madness office pool at the age of nine and witnessing the insanity that is the NCAA Tournament year in and year out, college basketball has become quite possibly my favorite sport to watch and write about.

If you didn't already know, Jerome Lane's famous backboard shattering dunk was the inspiration for the name of the website and while I will write about other sports as well, I'm going to try to keep my focus here on the game of basketball and more specifically college basketball. If you like my work, think it's terrible, or just have something to say, feel free to comment on the site and I can also be contacted on Twitter: @ChScaturro

Kerry Miller:

I was born and raised in south-central Pennsylvania at the epicenter of the Baltimore, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Washington fan bases. Rather than aligning myself with one of those cities, or worse, rooting for some combination of the four based on whichever was doing the best in each sport at the time, I went outside the box and chose to root against my dad’s favorite teams. To this day, I’m not sure why he chose the Raiders, the Phillies, and the Tar Heels in college hoops, but I became a Chiefs, Braves, and Blue Devils fanatic; although the baseball allegiance has since shifted from Atlanta to Houston to Washington. Go Nats.

I graduated college in 2009 with a degree in Applied Mathematics, and I've been obsessed with fantasy sports since 1996 - mostly football and baseball, but I've dabbled in basketball and hockey; I think I even remember doing fantasy golf one year - so a lot of my articles about professional sports come from a fantasy/statistical point of view. But college basketball comes straight from the heart. Though I become hopelessly obsessed with the NFL and MLB during their respective seasons, NCAABB is my first and only true love. Case in point: this past season, I wrote a 4,000 word article about the 9 Mid-Major match ups worth watching on a weekend in January. The month leading up to Selection Sunday is my idea of the 12 Days of Christmas. One of these days, I'm going to replace Joe Lunardi. Just you wait.

In 2006, I began writing weekly "Commish Posts" for my fantasy football league. It took a few years, but I eventually realized that I was devoting way too much time and effort to a product I was only delivering to a dozen of my friends, and thus started a blog in the summer of 2010. That blog eventually blossomed into a 5 month relationship with BleacherReport, which is where Charlie and I met in the seventh circle of college basketball obsession. While BR was a great way to rack up reads, Charlie approached me in March 2011 with the idea to start up a web site to call our own.

Maybe we'll never get more than a handful of loyal fans, but I love to write and can only hope some of you love to read it. For all things sports, I can be reached by e-mail at kerrancejames@gmail.com, and for my random 140 character musings on current events in the world of sports, follow me on twitter: @kerrancejames