Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fantasy Units: 2. Individual Leagues: 0.

If you play in a normal fantasy league, there are very good odds that you were none too pleased with the San Diego Chargers this past weekend. Three receiving touchdowns, two rushing touchdowns, and none of them scored by a guy who was owned in more than 0.2% of leagues. It must have been frustrating to handcuff Curtis Brinkley or Le’Ron McClain to Ryan Mathews only to watch Jackie Battle steal the show; or to find out moments before the game that Antonio Gates would not be playing, and then rush to the waiver wire to pick up the Chargers #2 TE before the Chargers #3 TE scored 3 TDs.

All I know is that the San Diego Passing unit and San Diego Rushing unit were entirely unaffected, scoring 22.36 points and 25.84 points, respectively.

It’s a shame Alfred Morris didn’t put up big numbers again. Granted, you probably weren’t completely pissed off to get his 89 rushing yards, but was it infuriating to watch RG3 get those rushing touchdowns? Not for me, because I had the Washington Rushing unit, which scored 28.08 points.

And what about that New York Giants rush attack? Did you start Ahmad Bradshaw or David Wilson? Either way, I’m pretty sure you didn’t get 16.52 fantasy points, but you would have if you had NYG Rushing unit.

Suffice it to say, Week 2 was just as frustrating for fantasy owners as Week 1, and there’s no reason to expect it to get any better as the season progresses and the stakes are higher.

Week 2 Results:

Steve over Mike 105.24-94.52. Notable scores: NYG P (29.4), TEN R (3.04)
Tim over John 92.88-57.08. Notable scores: BUF R (30.08), NO D (4.2), OAK R (1.84)
Keith over Geoff 83.56-74.6. Notable scores: SD R (25.84), DEN D (4.64), DAL K (2)
Nick over Jeff 91.36-83.08. Notable scores: NO R (27.04)
Kerry over Doug 84.44-65.6. Notable scores: MIA R (49.04 on Doug’s bench), CHI P (5.04)
Tom over Aaron 104.4-78. Notable scores: NYJ R (5.8)
Charlie over Ryan 113-109. HOU R (38.28), CAR R (37.12), GB D (25.64), NE R (7.2)

Charlie 2-0 (217.52)
Tim 2-0 (206.72)
Tom 2-0 (189.8)
Mike 1-1 (210.8)
Kerry 1-1 (197.76)
Jeff 1-1 (179.76)
Nick 1-1 (178.04)
Steve 1-1 (167.92)
Aaron 1-1 (155.48)
Doug 1-1 (147.32)
Keith 1-1 (139.12)
Ryan 0-2 (178.12)
Geoff 0-2 (164.56)
John 0-2 (128.64)

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